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CIPI Background
Established as an Independent Adviser in 1986, working throughout the north of England, providing personal and business financial planning. We help clients achieve their medium - longer term financial aspirations. All first meetings are free of charge. After this, any costs are quoted in advance of any work being done.

Whatever arrangements you have made in the past, with any Company, we will track down, research and update your plans. We look to make the best quality arrangements every time. Ring on 0161 950 5329/07708 410381 to arrange an informal chat.

All Independent Advisers now work on a 'fee' basis (except for term life assurance which still pays a commission)... as explained in our Client Agreement and Service details - documents below. Advice fees can sometimes be met from the product/s arranged, meaning no additional outlay on your part.

   Downloads: Client Agreement (about to be updated) and Service Proposition documents. Statement of Professional Standing Certificate. Level 4 Exam Certificate


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We have been dealing with clients' pensions for over 28 years. We can clarify your situation rapidly and then guide you towards realistic retirement income levels.


1. Usually we just need a letter of authority to the pension provider Company(ies) concerned. 2. In the meantime we will discuss with you what level of pension you require and at what age it is required. 4. We will then obtain up to date valuations of your existing arrangements and quantify your projected pension income from this/these source(s). 4. Knowing what is already available enables us to calculate any shortfall from your target and we can then make recommendations as to how best to fill any gap.

Instead of reading pages and pages of jargon on annual statements please telephone and I will analyse your current situation and prepare a full summary report for you, irrespective of which company or companies your current arrangements are with.

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Life Assurance properly protect your family - all types of cover: term assurances, whole of life etc.
Instead of spending hours filling in webpage questionnaires, contact us and we will check in minutes which Companies curently provide the highest benefits at the most economical rates. 1. We will discuss your needs and your budget and work out for you an appropriate personal/family life assurance programme. 2. We will work to make sure that you are protected as fully as possible and at a rate that suits your pocket.

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Income Protection.

In case you suffer an accident or illness that prevents you from working.

We will assist in calculating a suitable level of income cover and recommend appropriate plans. Cover can be from day 1 or after waiting period.


Critical Illness Cover.

There are many providers and many different plans on the market.

We will discuss and quantify your needs with you and then recommend the best and most economical cover available.

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Pension Open Market Options

hen the time comes to draw your pension benefits it is rarely a good idea to settle for your existing pension company's retirement quotes.

1. We will carry out a full assessment of the value of your pension funds from all sources. 2. We will discuss all relevant factors (amount of tax free cash/guarantee periods/level or increasing payments/frequency of payments/etc) with you in order to get the best 'shape' of pension suitable for your personal and family requirements. 3. We will then check which Companies are currently paying the best rate of pension in the Market and undertake the necessary administration to shop around. 4. We will also check the availability of enhanced rates on health grounds. This excercise alone could significantly improve your retirement income.

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Business Protection

Arrange a 'Company Will' in order to ensure the long term continuity of your business and the financial protection of those involved.

We have 28 years experience of dealing with Directors and Partners of firms. 1. We will discuss with you all aspects of the business situation and clarify the requirements of all persons concerned. 2. We will then recommend appropriate arrangements and carry out all the necessary administration and legal arrangements to put the programme in place. 3. We will review your arrangements at appropriate intervals and ensure it continues to be suitable. 4. We will review any changes in legislation and make sure your scheme remains suitable. 

We will advise on levels and types of financial cover for your key business people.

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We deal with a broad range of investments.

1. We will determine your attitude to risk, your capacity for loss and take account of the time frame in order to recommend suitable investments. 2. We will recommend an appropriate range of investment products that accord with your risk tolerance. 3. We will take taxation into account when we make recommendations. 4. We will establish a review timetable and regularly report on your investments.

Instead of spending hours reading through technical web pages, just ring on 0161 950 5329 and I will consider your goals and prepare for you a suggested mix of investments for growth and/or income, taking into account your risk tolerance, tax situation and the term of the investment.


Wills and Power of Attorney

We take instructions from clients to provide a full Will, Power of Attorney and/or Severance of Joint Tenancy service, through the Beneficial Trust and Will Co. Ltd.



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