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Auto Enrolment Useful Links and Information - all links open in new window

Excellent short must see video on employer responsibilities
Background to ae and details of all employer duties - the pensions regulator
Your Staging Date                 Check your Staging Date
Auto Enrolment - all areas covered - Government site
Full explantory Brochure - printable
Checklist for Employers - six months before staging date
Detailed Guidance for Employers pdf printable
'Typical 'Middleware' Solution Explanation
Penalties and fines for non-compliance - Amounts of fines click here - take a deep breath first - Table at bottom of page


We can refer you to any one of three qualifying schemes: it doesn't matter if you are not one of our existing clients. There are 3 providers because different Firms will have different AE needs depending on the number of employees and the complexity of the payroll/s, and the range of pension investment funds required.
If you have reached your staging date and have still not set up AE, please telephone soon; you will need to move very quickly. Once you have been referred, the aim will be to install your Firm into AE as quickly as possible.

A. Carey Pensions: Quality system with mutiple funds/scheme types/everything for any size employer, full Employer implementation team who will look after you and handle any problems. Modest initial setup fee plus low monthly charges.  maximum flexibility and able to handle complex payrolls and groups of payrolls. Full suite of bespoke pension investment funds as well as default funds.

B. Creative Pensions Ltd: quality simpler 'minimum default' scheme, for achieving full compliance, small initial fee for setting up, FREE to use afterwards, full Employer implementation team who will assist at every stage. Uses scottish widows pension fund/s. Creative also offer Schemes as complete as Carey's; this is their 'entry level' Scheme which can be upgraded if you wish, later. 

 C. Simply Biz Portal
: solutions for all employer sizes featuring simple to use system and capable of handling multi-payroll needs. Small set-up charge with ongoing monthly costs.

 dealing with auto-enrolment now, rather than later.

                                                                                                                                                                         Image courtesy of Carey Pensions

The figures on the left are the numbers of employers reaching their staging date each quarter, between now and 2017.  Soon, providers will be hit by a tidal wave of applications - there will be extreme pressure on them to auto-enrol firms, before they are fined.

If you sign up (register with a provider, so that you know that you are queued for tackling the problem) you can get past probably the hardest step. Employers could find schemes of adequate quality few and far between, by the time we get into the real thick of it, because capacity will be stretched to the limit. Remember, there is a learning curve in actually operating the system and, once impemented, the system is a permanent fixture for every payroll run.

                                                                                                                                                                         Image courtesy of Carey Pensions

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