Recent WALKS - in pictures. September & October  2012

If you like the Countryside you might enjoy browsing these pictures of my recent perambulations in various parts of the North of England.  Movies may take a minute to load.

Walks 18 and 19 on 9th September and 7th October 2012: Hodder Valley and Slaidburn

I had camera trouble on both walks, the first time in several years, slightly irksome, so I've combined both sets of what few pics I was able to take. As it happens, both walks were in the area close to the village of Slaidburn, in North Lancashire, so the scenery is nigh on the same landscape area, anyway. Undulating grassy banks and rolling fields, frequently criss-crossed by rivers and streams, extend slowly but surely into forested areas and hills of modest stature. The area has a special charm, once visited, never forgotten. The whole area is great for walking, with smaller villages every several miles. The pubs in such villages are always just great; all the more so if you happen by one in the course of a hot or strenuous day's walking.


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