Walks August 2011

If you like the Countryside you might enjoy browsing these pictures of my recent perambulations in various parts of the North of England.

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7 on 7-08-2011 Ulpha. Lake District. A place of stunning beauty.   


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8 on 14-08-2011 Malham. It happens! I got sidetracked looking at geology and then missed the 'clear' path back to where I should have been. As a result ended up walking more than 13 miles instead of 7; then, half way through, the camera stopped working. Ah well!


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9 on 21-08-2011  Sunday  Crinkle Crags from Great Langdale via Red Tarn, Browney Gill and Great Knott. Another tough walk. The day was beautiful and perfect for the walk except that the Crags were cloud-covered all through. I therefore could not get a picture showing them clearly, as can be seen. I have substituted a Wicki-image instead, for clarity. Once I got to the top the entire Crag area was totally shrouded and it was completely impossible to navigate. However, I was very lucky, as I bumped into 10 lads and lasses from Liverpool Ramblers, who had done the walk several times before. I tagged along with them and if I hadn't met these people I might still be lost up there now! Magnificent views.



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