Recent WALKS - in pictures  - December 2012

Recent perambulations in various parts of the North of England.  Movies may take a minute to load.

Walk 22 on 02-12-12 Area at Gisburn Forest. An absolutely freezing cold, calm, rain free day. A fantastic walk, lost in the enormity of Gisburn Forest, near Slaidburn in Lancashire. It was very icy, so I by and by kept on the cleared paths; the density of the forest is such that it is impossible to walk between the trees, in large sections of the area. If you happen to find yourself in this neck of the woods, don't miss the chance of walking through Gisburn Forest.

Walk 23 on 16-12-12 Hay Stacks, Lake District. It was an overcast but bright day, no rain as such, which, considering the walk, was very fortunate, it has to be said. In fact it was cold but beautiful, even if wetter underfoot  - but that's not bad going, considering it is mid December after all. There was not much wind and the clouds were lowish, most of the peaks blotted out at first. As we set off, the day began to clear and the chance of rain diminished. A marvellous walk beginning with a steep ascent from the slate quarry to the area betweeen Fleetwith and Grey Knotts, over to Blackbeck Tarn and then on to Hay Stacks. Coming back, more or less the reverse trip but with diversions to the left and right here and there. The views  - as magnificent and beautiful as they are in summer time, but now in their winter guise. Much ice on the higher ground and the becks, that would normally be little streams to step over, massively swollen, white water gushing over the rocks at a rapid rate, waterfalls here and there. The raised levels of water meant that any normal stepping stones were submerged, making it very tricky to get across where necessary. But we managed it all in the end! A fantastic day, walking, at some higher points, through the low cloud; no rain at all. Very lucky really.


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